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Luca Triacca, Ph.D.



He has a Master of Science in Corporate Communication & Marketing and a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences. After his studies, his only love has been YOUR INTERFACE founded in 2005 and since then, his second (and sometimes first!) home. He led the company from start-up to adult with his demanding and visionary spirit.


He is the responsible for Brand design, Information and Interaction design & Usability. He cultivates his love for research leading thesis and research projects in collaboration with some universities where he also teaches (but please don't call him professor!). He is passionate for creativity and brand with an acknowledged expertise in usability. Starting from 2016 he has been appointed as Scientific Director of the Master in eBusiness at Franklin University Switzerland, where he also teaches the courses "Digital communication strategies" and "Innovation management". 


He is Swiss and creative.... Can you imagine someone more challenging?