Luca Triacca Ph.D


He has a Master of Science in Corporate Communication & Marketing and a Ph.D. in Communication Sciences. After his studies, he founded YOUR INTERFACE in 2005. He led the company from start-up to maturity with his demanding and visionary spirit. He is responsible for the areas of Digital marketing strategies, Coaching, User and Customer Experience design.

He is also Adjunct Lecturer at Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (, where he teaches “Foundations of Hospitality Marketing”, “Customer Information Data and Distribution Management” and “Digital Marketing”.
Since 2022, he is Coordinator and Professor for the module Digital Marketing @AISTS, Master in Sport Management and Technology.

Previously, he has been professor in several universities, and the Scientific Director for MSIM-e (Master of International Management, at Franklin University Switzerland). He also collaborated with IMD Business School as External Expert in Digital Transformation.

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